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Case Study 3

PSL & DSTV Premiership

The beautiful game in all its glory

We’re very proud to be involved with the PSL on SuperSport. When it comes to “the beautiful game” we are thrilled to be able to serve the fans, internal sponsors and SuperSport with our advanced story-telling tools. These tools enable TV presenters, directors, commentators, supporters, coaches and players the luxury of analysing the game from a variety of angles, whether for pure entertainment or in-depth analysis.

Services Used

On-Air Graphics

Virtual Studios

Virtual fan reactions & interactions through social media

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

"The Seb4vision team is innovative, driven & passionate about their output. A well lead youthful broadcast service provider that will find a solution to your production needs."

Technical Details

Our in-house software is the main tool used to capture and display real-time data in all our productions. We ensure that our graphic operators envision and test any scenario before it happens, to be ahead of the game. We are future ready and we’re always brushing up on our software interaction and logic transitions to match the flow of PSL matches.

Our cutting-edge graphics are data-driven to give weight to any PSL fixture that enriches not only the quality of the production, but also the feedback mechanism for post-production use.

Behind the scenes, our software and graphic design engineers are constantly improving our software and design templates to help enrich our product to meet not only our high internal standards, but also those of the external stakeholders.

Our engineers are technically astute in their thinking and implementation methodologies. We create our own tailor-made processes, add-on hardware wiring and cabling, and testing scenarios that enable for a quality service delivery that outshines our competitors.

We deliver dynamic solutions on-the-go and stay composed even when the action is live. All this is done to the satisfaction of our clients and the agility of their requests in real-time to enrich the final product.