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Sport analysis

Be one step ahead of the action and the pundits.

Sport Analysis is data that is extracted from an on-going live broadcasted sports game which is then used to engage its audience in a more statistical manner. This adds value to the broadcast by giving viewers information and insights they wouldn’t otherwise have and makes for enhanced enjoyment. It also provides real-time relevant and match-focused highlights for broadcasting teams to use and discuss for the benefit of viewers. The collected data is analyzed to highlight the performance of teams, athletes, and aid in the storytelling of the broadcaster.


Supplies data that makes it easy for broadcasters and in-studio pundits to discuss the live game statistics|gives a broader understanding of what is happening on the field of play, providing a more involved experience|makes for a more informed and involved viewing experience|It enhances the broadcaster’s storytelling and motivates for sponsorship.


The software and equipment involved with Sport Analysis is of the highest quality and the latest technology is used. We have an exceptional team constantly working hard to improve the product to make the analysis easier, more interesting and accurate.