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Never miss a move.

A Telestrator is a device that takes a veteran sports personality’s perspective to give viewers an in-depth look at a video or still image. Through the use of graphics, pundits can explain a certain moment, show specific information, ideas or infringements during a live sporting event.


Unlike other video analysis tools that normally require a video controller or an EVS machine to access specific clips, the Telestrator functions as its own controller and eliminates the need for extra equipment. |Easy to use GUI (graphical user interface) allows pundits to harness their analytical skills and expertise to analyse games with the use of a tablet or touchscreen device live on air with zero delay.|The AR capability allows pundits to be integrated onto the graphics, giving viewers the feeling that they are on the field and controlling player movements in real time.|Camera flights give viewers a beautiful 360° view of the field and live moments. The smooth movement helps to capture the viewers’ attention and also allows them to see the action from all angles.


Only one operator is required for the deployment and operation of the system. The workflow matches that of the EVS operator so as to catch all the interesting incidents and talking points worth mentioning. The equipment used consists of a Libero machine, video controller and an EVS controller.