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Putting brands at the heart of the action.

Virtual advertising is the use of digital and tracking technology to insert virtual advertising images into a live sports broadcast. It’s a technology that’s made leaps in quality and reliability and is more commonly used on LED or static perimeter boards which surrounds sport fields. It allows alternative advertising messages to be displayed, which can also alternate geographically to be more targeted.


Virtual branding and advertising displays in any weather condition|No issues in terms lighting/shadows, Virtual content integrates seamlessly with live action|Sponsorships in both indoor and outdoor events with no limitations|Real-time changes made with ease|Geographical targeting where you can reach your global audience with messaging relevant to them|Reach viewers through a sport that they are passionate about.


Virtual advertising seamlessly integrates with the live TV broadcast of a sporting event. The effect works in parallel, downstream of the production and enables unlimited, virtually enhanced footage that can be sent anywhere in the world on any medium.