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See exactly how your hero does it.

Player tracking makes the detailed monitoring of individual players’ movements and positioning on the field of play possible. It enables the broadcaster to share any player’s gameplay statistics, involvement and influence in specific moments of the match or event. It also allows coaches to analyse a player’s performance based on data gathered during a match. It’s another way any game or sport is made more interesting, enhancing the entertainment value.


Viewers get the opportunity to analyse data that the human eye cannot|Experience interesting information about player’s live activity, history and previous results|Grows the viewer’s knowledge of the game and get them more immersed.


Our Player Tracking system consists of various processing units and a player tracking zoom. The setup requires measurements of the playing field together with calibration of all cameras to see every part of the playing field. This process can be done by either one or two operators depending on the intensity or importance of the match at hand.